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“Rising from the PIT”


Rising From the Pit – Easter forever.

  • A Dad dying and leaving this earth for a better place called Heaven.  This earth sure is a pit compared to the promises we have in Glory.
  • A wife who discovers her husband’s addiction, a double life, a husband in love with self.
  • A couple who fights together against a horrible disease.
  • A spouse that finds their husband saying they are in love with someone else.

Everyone has pits, what is yours?  Do you feel like you’re still there or do you feel like you are rising from the PIT?

What I have realized in my own life is that I thought I was in a pit but I wasn’t in a pit at all!  I thought I had been pushed into a pit on August 12th of 2012, instead I really had been extended a hand, a hand that was willing to pull me out of the pit. During the last 20 months of my life I have felt as if I had been pushed into a pit.  Discovering my husband’s other life of sex addiction, addiction to pornography, prostitution, habitual lying in all parts of his life, and truly leading a double life was a blow.  I certainly felt as if I had just been cast into a pit, much like Joseph had I’m sure.

Had I? Had I really?

Had I been cast into a pit or had I just been extended a hand out of the PIT? Had my husband just been extended a hand out of his PIT?  Were we being given a second chance at life, marriage, relationships with God?

What I realize now is that the pit hasn’t been the last 20 months, the pit was our entire life prior to August 12th.  That was the pit. The pit was when we were not making efforts to put God at the center of our marriage.  The pit was when we had chosen being religious over having a real, I mean a real relationship with Jesus Christ.  The pit was when work successes was more fulfilling than if we had had our quiet time in the word and in prayer with our savior that day.  The pit was when we weren’t investing any time in each other or in our marriage. The pit was when we could be with our very best friends in the world and talking about the Lord wouldn’t even come up…The pit was before. It became evident, we were not living for the Lord, we were lost living for ourselves, relying on ourselves.

The pit was before we woke up on August 12th, realizing how lost we were and that we needed Jesus in a big way.  Thank God for his hand that extends and rescues us from our pits in life, the pits we sometimes have put our own selves in!  Praise God that we can rise from a pit because he rose.  He rose on the third day after dying on the cross rescuing us from our pit inflicting sins.


Romans 6, verses 4-5:

“Therefore we were buried with Him by baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father so we too may walk in a new way of life.  For if we have been joined with Him in the likeness of his death then we will certainly also be in the likeness of his resurrection.”


I love these verses!!! We too can rise from our dead selves, our own dead sinful natures, in the likeness of his resurrection!  He took the death we should have died.  There would have been no rising from any pits if that hadn’t happened.  We can rise from our former life, that life without God in the Center, that marriage without God in the center!  Today I now call Easter, Rescue day.  My Jesus died on an old rugged cross an extremely horrible death.  That day he extended us all his hand into our pits and stands by ready to rescue us; however, we have to grab his hand!

Are you facing a time in your life where you felt thrown into a pit, left, afraid, full or worry and anxiety, or are you, have you instead been given a chance to rise up out of your pit and finally faced with needing to allow God into all of your life.

Jesus died on that cross and rose again on the third day so that we could rise out of our pits, seek him first and have real authentic relationship with him.

Dear Heavenly father, allow me even when hard times still arise to acknowledge that I no longer am in a pit—no matter what I come to face in life.  Father, do not allow my heart to be swayed by things of this earth, gossip, materialism, what our society says is important, things that just don’t matter when it comes to eternity.  Please don’t let those things derail me or misguide me.  Remind me that you are my first love, my first priority.  Remind me that I answer to you and no other, no friends, not family, not this world, only you.  Remind me to look to you in all things.  Please lead me, direct me, and continue to show me how to Love as you have called me to do.  Please continue to show me how to be the wife you have planned for me to be for such a time as this.  Thank you that I have a relationship with you and you with me and that you are here with me forever. 

Thank you for rescuing us so that we could “Rise from the Pit”. I love you Lord.